When determining what type of boat lift will work best for your lake bottom, your style of boat and your water depth, you won’t find an easier or smarter choice than a vertical boat lift from ShoreMaster. ShoreMaster vertical boat lifts even take the guess work out of choosing which side of the dock to place your new lift. Their vertical boat lifts feature a simple, yet brilliant Double V-Side (DVS) design so you can access your boat just as easily from the left or from the right. ShoreMaster’s vertical boat lifts can accommodate any style of boat or pontoon hull, so it’s an easy investment to make that will pay you dividends years later when your boat or pontoon looks just as great as the day you bought it. A ShoreMaster vertical boat lift is also the most versatile in terms of the type of lake bottom and water depth that it can be used in. Weight capacity ranges from 1200lbs to 7000lbs. 


A boat lift helps to protect your boat or pontoon from damage to its hull by getting it up, and out of the way of floating debris, marine organisms, and wind driven waves. A Canopy frame with either a vinyl or WeatherMax cover protects your boat from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and water logging caused by rain. It’s and easy comparison to make when you compare a boat that has been left out in the elements and one protected by a canopy. You can see just how damaging the effects of sun and rain can be to a boat or pontoon’s interior vinyl, carpet, glass and its exterior paint or gelcoat. Imigine watching as a storm rolls in over the lake and knowing inside that your boat or pontoon will remain safe and dry because it is tucked snuggly up Into your ShoreMaster canopy frame. 

Vinyl Color Options 

WeatherMax Color Options


ShorePort’s design is time tested, and proven to make launching and loading your PWC super quick and super easy. Because the ShorePort is so dependable and easy to use, it is an favorite for both individual personal watercraft owners, resorts, and marinas that provide PWC rental.