Dock Rite

Dock Rite Vertical Boat Lifts installed in the water on a lake-shore.


Dock Rite manufactures a full line of vertical boat lifts that are ideal for any type of watercraft you may own. Their lift designs take into account your boats draft, style of motor mount (Inboard or Outboard), and hull type.

A Vertical Lift raises your boat higher out of the water than other systems. This makes the vertical boat lift ideal for use in changing water depths, high waves, and for heavier watercraft. The main benefits of a vertical lift is that they offer more flexibility for water levels, lake bottoms, and boat hull types.

Design Features That Provide Years Of Worry Free Use:

  • Screw Adjustable Leveling Kit. This handy feature is available on all vertical lifts 3,000 lbs to 6,000 lbs. The screw legs make leveling and height adjustments for your Dock Rite boat lift easy and eliminates lifting manually when installing the stationary wheel kit.

  • Chain Drive Winches. A chain drive winch is used on all lifts 3,000 lbs or larger. Dock Rite is proud to build all winch boxes in house. All winch boxes are designed specifically for each Dock Rite model.

  • Vertical Leveling Leg Pin Adjustment. There are 20 different leveling positions with a standard 34.5 inch leveling leg.

  • Custom Made Cable Ends. Stainless steel cables and machined stainless steel studs provide you with years of worry free use.

  • “V” shaped aluminum pulley. Designed for years of trouble free use, our "V" shaped aluminum pulleys with brass oilite bushings ride on stainless steel, greasable pins with stainless cables.

  • Lift corners. Designed to give you years of smooth operation, our lift corners are made from UHMW plastic.

  • Custom Pins with Grease Zerks. You will love the simplified maintenance for your new lift with our custom pins and grease zerks that make it easy to grease your pulleys. Proper maintenance reduces pulley and cable wear making lift operation smoother.

  • All of their aluminum products are backed by a 15 year structural warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Dock Rite Model 40120 Vertical Boat Lift.
Dock Rite PWC Vertical Boat Lift.


The Dock Rite canopy fabric hangs down 6" from the frame, for a total depth of 42". This provides superior protection from sun and rain.

  • Available for PWC lifts (64" x 12') and 114" or 120" wide lifts in 22' to 30' lengths.

  • Quicklash System - designed using fewer puncture holes when being sewed to make canopy stronger and more durable, while making it easy to install.

  • Canopy Vents - incorporated to help deal with wind.


WeatherMAX fabric utilizes breakthrough UV technology, providing long-tern color retention, superior water resistance, and durability. Engineered with yarn memory, it will not sag due to age, rain, or exposure. Lightweight 8 oz. per yard design makes it easy to install. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


PVC-coated high-tenacity polyester material that will not rot, shrink, or stretch. Constructed by using heat-welded seams to create a waterproof environment for your boat. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.



The Dock Rite truss style dock frame is precision welded for a durable, yet light-weight frame for your dock. Aluminum cross members and center stringers provide the frame with rigidity providing additional support. The Dock Rite Truss Style Dock frame is one of the most durable frames in the industry providing your family with a safe and stable surface to walk on. It is an attractive design with several options for decking that are recessed into the dock frame.

Dock Rite offers design features that provide years of worry-free use.

The Dock Rite truss style dock is easy to install. Roll-in, drop-in the decking, level with a cordless drill and enjoy. This style of dock works best when storage of long sections is not a problem. As with all roll-in type docks the water level should be less than 8 feet with a firm bottom.

  • Screw jack legs come in sizes ranging from 42” to 90” for all your water depth needs. They are made of 2½” heavy wall tubing. Leg pockets are oversized and welded to eliminate the need for multiple leg sizes and unsightly bracing.

  • 2-1/2" posts are available when screw jack are unnecessary.

  • Sand pads are interchangeable on any wheel assembly and provide a wide, solid base.

  • Sand pads are ideal when portability is not an issue.

  • 1x2 dual center stringers for extra strength and support.

  • The modular design is easy to expand or add slips.

  • All aluminum products are backed by a 15 year structural warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Dock Rite Aluminum Truss Dock Frame